Metric of Urgency™ & Work Prioritization

The Metric of Urgency™ (MoU™) focuses on the right key metrics to prioritize work and delivers results much faster and with more impact than traditional process improvement approaches. MoU adds to the principles of Lean Six Sigma, incorporates business strategy, financial and proprietary key metric analysis in one simple process.

MoU was developed over the last 20 years as an improvement to traditional Lean Six Sigma (LSS). MoU connects strategy to action and will improve any existing LSS initiative to drive meaningful impact.

The MoU Way™ is a systematic approach that links business strategy to prioritized improvement project execution that delivers:

  • The Right Metrics.  The MoU Way identifies the right metrics that truly matter to achieve results by identifying key process leading indicators that predict success.
  • Focus.  The MoU Way ensures you don’t work on everything at the same time. It provides focus on the critical few projects with the biggest impact.
  • Urgency.  The MoU Way creates urgency around the important work to improve situations that are of strategic importance and truly matter to the company.
  • Alignment.  The MoU Way delivers alignment within organizations from the senior executives to the frontline staff. Everyone working together and executing on the right project delivers success!
  • Impact.  The MoU Way isn’t about incremental change that results in limited impact. It is about delivering breakthrough change and meaningful impact.

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