Strategy Planning

MIPRO draws from years of experience in strategic planning for Fortune 100 companies. With a strong background in finance and business transformations, we have developed a proprietary model for strategic planning. Strategic planning doesn’t have to be a daunting exercise. It is something companies grow into and continuously improve upon year over year.

Our framework is easily tailored. If you have a good understanding of your business and are able to think pragmatically about your strengths and weaknesses, you should be able to create a strategic plan fairly easily. Our consultants will jump start your process and help with the prioritization of 3-6 key strategic priorities that will give you much needed focus in execution of projects.

Strategic Planning and Execution Framework

Strategy Planning Framework

We will partner with you to identify key stakeholders from whom “buy-in” is crucial. Whether internal stakeholders (e.g. senior executives, the governing board, employees at all levels of the organization) or external stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, customers, industry experts), these individuals bring an array of perspectives to the planning process and their support is critical to the success of your program.